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Susy Olson Chuck Harwood has gone through several transitions. At one time he was a top business executive, then he started a company that teaches others how to make quality improvement an integral part of their business. Now he’s become an author, writing books on how to become — and stay — successful.
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Susy Olson Susy Olson rebooted from administrative assistant at a major corporation to expert in chart abstraction and database management in the trauma program at a Bay Area hospital. She combined solid stenographic and transcription skills with an optimistic spirit, a commitment to continuous learning, and a willingness to try new things to reinvent herself into a satisfying and rewarding new career.
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Susy Olson Dr. Barry Sorrells was a successful orthopedic surgeon who helped develop a revolutionary total knee replacement technique that he still teaches to other surgeons. After completing his career, he “refocused” and helped establish an institute at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences where community volunteers teach medical students life skills in non-medical subjects.
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Doug Sudduth This rebooter, who prefers anonymity, has reinvented himself several times, two of which came after unexpected and involuntary severances from executive jobs. His story is real and will undoubtedly resonate with many people. He has shown a resilience that is typical of true rebooters.
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Chuck Nord Chuck Nord of Sarasota, FL, is another “keep on keepin’ on” guy who has figured out a way to stay active in his Tennessee-based insurance business while living a relaxed life in Florida’s sunny climes. He says the capabilities and conveniences of technology have been the decisive factor enabling him to keep working with more fun and less stress.
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Doug Sudduth Doug Sudduth of Bakersville, North Carolina, had a long career in mental health, and while helping his patients he maintained his own mental health by pursuing two creative activities – singing and photography. He’s still actively engaged in both, keeping his imagination and excitement alive and well.
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Alice Faron Alice Faron of Champaign, IL, is rebooting by helping others reboot. A longtime guiding light of the leadership development non-profit organization LeaderShape, she retired after 20 years but knew she wasn’t “done” yet and had more to contribute. She has created Encore, a handy “guide for discovering what’s next in your life” and is busy helping people on their rebooting journeys.
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Jason Poole Jason Poole is a Marine Corps veteran who is rebooting himself after being severely wounded by a roadside bomb in Iraq. His story proves that reinvention can happen at any age. You’ll be inspired by his story, his remarkable recovery and his positive, optimistic outlook on life.
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George Nordhaus George Nordhaus of Santa Fe, NM, spent his entire working career as an information provider to the insurance industry — that is, up until the time he rebooted, at 75, and launched a new venture. George is the author of eight books and numerous articles on insurance and marketing, and was editor of a weekly insurance newsletter for 40 years. He has a great rebooting story to tell.
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Frank Mathews Frank Mathews of Atlanta, GA, is a dentist who just sailed right past the traditional retirement ages and kept on working. He no longer practices active dentistry, but provides dental health and education services in schools and dental clinics. His motivation: “The benefit of being useful, and being able to help other people.”
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Millie Paul Millie Paul of Los Angeles, CA, is a rebooter in midstream. She has agreed to share some very personal thoughts about the process she is going through. I think you’ll find them most inspirational.
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Archie Davis The late Archie Davis was a man of great accomplishments — bank chairman, president of both the American Bankers Association and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, state legislator. But when he retired at 65 he went back to school to study and pursue his passion: the history of the Civil War. Archie Davis was the first real rebooter I ever knew.
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Richard Brandi Richard Brandi of San Francisco, CA, is back in school working on a degree in historical preservation after previous careers in corporate communications and public relations consulting. He discovered that historical preservation blends many of his personal interests and gives him a way to simultaneously pursue all of them.
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Lee Callaway Lee Callaway of Redwood City, CA, has reinvented himself several times, including a transition from corporate executive to consultant, two trips back to graduate school and, most recently, as the founder of this website. His driving force is staying active, discovering and trying new things, and continually searching for new challenges.
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Dave McClure Dave McClure of San Carlos, CA, is a personal financial planner, consultant and entrepreneur who has gone through what he calls a series of minor reboots, “or maybe just upgrades, like software upgrades.” He says a potential rebooter needs to find where one’s motivations and skills overlap – “that’s where you need to go.”
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